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What is Black Domina And Its Characteristics?

Black Domina is an Indica dominant strain with dim, nearly noon like hues. This strain is potent. Most users report feeling very glad and uplifted after the initial few hits. This is followed by a desensitizing sensation that envelopes the body, which culminates into a feeling of nearly overwhelming laziness. The desire to sleep after utilizing Black Domina can be too powerful to even think about ignoring. The negative effects are run of the mill: dry eyes and mouth, intermittent dizziness, anxiety, and distrustfulness.

The solid Indica effects of this strain make it ideal for night use, which makes it useful to light sleepers. Patients often report that it alleviates migraines, nausea, and severe aches and pains. Numerous people choose it for the relief of stress, anxiety, and depression. Specialists and dispensaries profoundly regard the black Domina as a decent medical strain.

Black Domina, the offspring of Sensi Seeds, is 95% Indica. While not an entirely stable strain, it has genetics that includes four powerful Indicas: a land race Afghanistan, Canadian Ortega, Northern Lights, and Hash Plant. While Black Domina can be grown outside, it is highly advisable to grow it inside in a hydroponic setup. Advisable for professional growers, this strain finishes in 53 to 63 days. It reportedly produces a high return that is covered in resin 90% of the time, despite being a multi-cross strain.

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